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Branding is what we do. Branding and marketing are essential in your development to success. You are your brand and your brand is you. To ensure your brand is consistent we will work to develop your professional and personal brand together.

Crowd Source Funding

Crowd Source Funding is more than a trend. It is your unique method to funding and growing your brand. With JonAshton PR crowd source funding goes beyond asking people to donate a defined amount of money for a specific cause or project in exchange for various rewards. Consider it stepping into your dream and making it happen. As such, you are designed a carefully crafted marketing plan to help you achieve your goals whether seeking equity, donation or debt funding.


Marketing is what we do. Marketing and branding go hand in hand and with our Principal’s 20 + years’ experience in and out of corporate America we know they are key in your development to long term success. No cookie cutting marketing is done at JonAshton PR. You are provided with the most creative customized campaign possible to you.

Public Relations

Public Relations, Publicity and having a trustworthy and reliable Publicist is what we present. The whole state of Public Relations (PR) with JonAshton PR is based on providing solid Public Relations, positive publicity and presenting outstanding Publicist services. We thrive on over-delivering. After decades of building key relationships and positioning ourselves in the right places we can afford our clients the perfect opportunities.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an art. That art has been mastered by JonAshton PR. As such we continuously stay abreast of the latest and greatest so we may provide our clients with the best. In doing so, we evaluate your industry and personal insight of engagement, posts, content and more. Our social media management provides consistent updates and engagement on your preferred social media outlets.