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Our Story

JONASHTON PR is a global boutique agency headquartered in Atlanta GA, with offices in Anaheim CA, Greensboro NC, Houston TX, New Orleans LA, Chicago IL and Miami FL specializing in Public Relations, Branding, Marketing & Social Media Management for small businesses building or rebuilding their brands. Known as The Multi-Passionate Publicist Extraordinaire we cater to Authors, Bloggers, Media Personalities, Multi-Level Marketing Professionals, Speakers, Travel Specialist and Wedding & Event Creatives.

With twenty one plus years under my belt and counting I have a niche market and very successful formula to developing clients through my passion, purpose, power, knowledge and relationships within their industry. While I do not believe in oversaturating the market with you I can assure you each client, brand and product are handled with the kid gloves they deserve.

My team produces a tailor made plan to produce successful results by doing what we simply do best…presenting the PR of it all. I am extremely selective in our collaborations with clients. The team only collaborates with clients where we see their vision, believe in their mission and may assist them in producing the results they desire and beyond.

Our entertainment division, lifestyle division and creative division offers grand service such as client access to new markets across the United States and globally, increased visibility, new technology,and awareness on many levels. Our strong integrity and deeply rooted principles help you to present the best continuously.